Bogdan Truta is a self-sufficient seasoned creative with a refined set of art directional skills. Over the past 18 years, he has acquired an abundance of advertising & design experience while reshaping the creative product of some notable brands such as Nissan, Avid, Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Bombardier, L'Oreal, Bud Light, LG & Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts to name a few. His work appeared in such publications as Tres Logo by Die Gestalten Verlag, Lürzer's Int'l Archive, Graphis and Applied Arts.
Today, Bogdan is an independent creative collaborating with different agencies within the industry, while also focusing on building his own product, a clothing brand named Hopehanger, who's mission is to raise funds, inspire action and spread hope for Autism.

Bogdan is currently based in Montreal, Canada
+1 514 296 6716
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